Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A New Life . . .

So I went to start up an Amazon Local account to advertise my biz and here is what happened.  Using the link on the Amazon business page, I got started by filling in the business info about Just Dancing . . . and sent it off .  Several days later, I received an email telling me that someone from Amazon Local would contact me shortly.  A week later I called them to ask, how shortly? Someone there said momentarily.  Another week later, today in fact, I called again and was told: a) They needed to know if I had a website, no a blog wouldn't do, but they would accept a Facebook page, and b) Yes, I was right no one had contacted me about this but the account was closed anyway.  Wow, it's great doing business with such a responsible and responsive group.

And now you know, if you followed this this far, that I went ahead and created a Facebook page and when it asked if I had a website I went ahead and told them about you which I haven't really been writing in for about two years.

Hence, our title, A New Life.

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