Sunday, August 21, 2005

Been gone so long it looks like up to me, hee, hee, hee ...

So it has been a summer of dancing for me. The high point being when Terri and I were dancing at Pechanga resort and the crowd gave us the floor and then applauded as the song concluded. And we were just dancing with each other the way we do when its been too long which it had been. But the rest of the summer stuff wasn't so bad either. Every Wednesday we watched Dancing with the Stars and damn if it didn't really grow on me. I generally hate dance competitions but in this case the spirited dancers and the fact that we got to know them and the judges made it a fine experience. And now I read the other day that they are going to stage a dance off because of the calamity of the last vote which clearly showed a favoritism towards Kelly that wasn't warranted by her last dance.

We are just now starting to get into the Fox show, So You Think You Can Dance, however. The whole reality thing is just too boring. It's just like being forced to watch your neighbor's videos of their vacation. The deal of making up reality so it seems like a story is surely some sort of cosmic joke, right? Anyway, another great highlight has been the discovery of the OC Swing club site and especially the Underground where all the discussions take place.