Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Like feet in the night

I can still remember it as though it were yesterday, wait it was yesterday. I leaned into my right leg and felt it start to quiver. The second time in two dances. My partner's sweet hazel eyes seemed to be questioning what she could feel through our linked hands.  For my part, I slowly drew in a balancing breath and transmitted my own awareness that whatever the cause, the trembling was over. Where my mind stays though is on the wondering, the trembling what did it mean? What does it mean?

In the room's corner, up above ballroom eye level, the Face smirks and throws a leer at my partner's smooth and rounded rear. If its wigging me, I am going to have at its eyes. 'Course, I say it but IT thinks its a tri-sexual. Able to assume any sex, or both, in an instant's blink. Stay away from her I beam back as I turn into a deep dip designed to keep her close and focused on me, us.

These human's sure do like their dances. Personally, ha ha, we find it funny, Face and I. We needed a way to study them and any dance floor on the planet will let us study them to our two hearts content.

As I leaned close, I could feel the warmth of her breath against my neck and again the tremble, this time in my chest.  Too close came Face's beam, and I suddenly knew what the trembling was all about.  Humans have emotions, form emotional attachments, feelings.  Crap, how could I analyze them if this body I'd borrowed was going to do that?

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