Monday, November 01, 2004

Shall We Dance?

Movies are strange when it comes to dance. For some reason the film makers think we would rather see computer generated images, speeded up action, and slow motion takes than real dancers dancing. But this film did something for me that many years of dancing and many years of wishing have not. It got my lover to see what tango is really all about. The heart is the music, the mind is the matter that changes the story to fit, the dancers tell it all. She has always said she didn't like the way the men wanted to hold her, how the music was so dark. She prefers the romance in a Nightclub Two-Step. But watching the two dancers, J Lo and R Gere, the lights dimmed and the scene already set let her see that this was not about their being in love or about one or the other trying to gain the other's love but about using the dance to express the emotion of the music. And now, too, I think she knows that whenever I dance with her, in my mind, it's a tango.

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