Sunday, November 02, 2014

How we talk . . . to each other

when we take a dance class can be like scrambling eggs in a cold frying pan.  Stickey clots of words, over-heated by the effort of "trying to do a pattern" now clumps of yellow that block us off from each other even before we've begun.  To be sure this over reaction to talking to your partner doesn't just happen in a class. On the floor, two resonably kind dancers can turn into immediate enemies with the slip of a word.  No matter the intention.  Mis under standing is the most common cause of dance anxiety that I know of.  Unfortunately it's also the kind of cause effective that proves the adage,  "Less is more"  And even time is only a partial cure. 

Of course, bruising an ego that is often being judged against the perfection of a pattern turns out to be incredibly easy.  Tinder boxes they, or should I say we, are.  Because no one seems immune to this condition.  Jostle our picture of ourselves and anything could happen.

The great news for me is that the willingness to talk about this and with each other seems to on the rise and on both sides. 

My studies of this will continue,

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